Wisconsin's Winter Wonderland

After being teased with a few snowflakes during the past month, winter in Wisconsin has finally begun...in Eau Claire, at least! The first real snowstorm came this past Saturday night, blanketing our world with snow. I was out at my Mom's house that day for our traditional family decorating of the Christmas tree, and on the way home had to stop and take a photo of the peaceful countryside.

That night I went to the grocery store, and these bright red berries were hanging on a tree in the parking lot, just begging to be photographed with their fresh layer of snow crystals! Of course, I had to oblige. 

With as much as I love the beauty that snow brings, I really (really!) don't like to shovel the ka-zillions of flakes off the driveway and sidewalks. So when I came home after church the next day, I was really happy to see that the neighbor girls had a different perspective! 

In case you're wondering, I didn't make them do all the shoveling ;-) but as soon as it was done, I quickly traded in the shovel for my camera, and went downtown to capture a few glimpses of God's handiwork.

SNOW - God's frosting for the earth

I'm in the mood for Christmas! 
How about you?