Time to Simplify

With all of the house/pet sitting that I do, there are some weeks that I literally live in 2 or 3 different houses. They're all local here in town, and I absolutely love it, but carting around bags and suitcases every few days is enough to drive me nuts! 

So I made a rule that I could only bring along what fits inside one laundry basket. That's usually no problem, but as I was getting ready this afternoon to leave for an 11-day job, I began to think that this might be the exception. And so down to the basement I went, in search of a few pieces of luggage.

But as I groaned a little at the thought of hauling multiple heavy pieces of luggage up the huge flight of stairs that this particular home has (hmmm...maybe I'm just lazy?) something switched to "challenge mode" in my brain, and I decided to see if I could pack for 11 days with the "one basket rule." 

And I Did It!!! 
EVERYTHING fit inside, with the exception of a few refrigerated foods.

And all of a sudden it dawned on me...

Uhhhh..... why do I live in a house that's overflowing with things?

And furthermore,

Why do I keep buying more things to put in it?!

Is it because they're cute? 
...they're on sale? 
...they remind me of someone special?

Whatever the reason, I have decided that my home needs a good cleaning. Not clean as in "sweep yesterday's crumbs off the floor, attack the ever-growing spider web, and finally fold the laundry" clean (although I should consider those tasks as well). Rather a type of clean that clears the clutter and creates a space of peace; a space that is free of distractions and needless accessories.

So the challenge will be...
What is needed and what is needless?

The next few weeks will reveal the answers! 

(after I return from house sitting, of course)

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  1. Great post! I could do with a lot of decluttering as well. My house is overtaken with things.